We provide business loans to meet your every business need.

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We provide business loans to meet your every business need.

March 7, 2021 POST 0

Avail of a loan up to Rs 100 lakhs without any collateral (Collateral is a necessary element that a recipient has to keep with him to get a loan. Securities can also be used as collateral.), guarantor (A guarantor is a person who guarantees payment by another. A guarantor becomes a co-endorser and assumes liability in event of default.) or security, to fulfil your every business need, from business expansion and working capital, to your child’s education or a home renovation. With our Business Growth Loan, continue to stay ahead of your competitors , scale your business in a hassle free environment. Take it to new heights with additional financial help from BLPCII. We are here to support you at every step of the way because in you we trust. We curate our Business Growth Loan with competitive interest rates, flexible tenures and minimal documentation to meet your every business need. An additional attractive feature of the Business Growth Loan is the access to an overdraft facility, that is you pay interest only on the utilised loan amount together with a credit protection plan. Adapt your business with changing customer needs or technological advancement or scale up your operations, the list is endless and choice is yours to utilise the Business Growth Loan the way you like.



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